Available every day after 3 p.m.

All entrees served with Spanish rice and assorted vegetables.


Grilled Spanish Sausage

Clams Marinara

Grilled Shrimp

Shrimp in Garlic Sauce

Shrimp Cocktail

Spanish Styled Escargot

Stuffed Mushrooms

Clams Casino

Mussels with Green Sauce


Soup of the Day

Crab Meat Soup


Shrimp Tortilla

Spanish Tortilla

Seafood Entrees

Paella Valencia

Paella Marinera

Crab Meat with Green Sauce

Seafood inTomato Sauce

Seafood inGreen Sauce

Clams in Creole Sauce

Seafood in Garlic Sauce

Lobster Tails in White Sauce

Lobster Tails in Green Sauce

Stuffed Lobster

Stuffed Lobster Tails

Shrimp with Green Sauce

Shrimp "Rincon" Style

Fried Shrimp

Shrimp and Rice

Codfish Gallego Style

Filet of Sole

Trout with Pine Nuts

Meat Entrees

Veal Chops

Veal in Mushroom Sauce

Veal Scallopine

Veal in Almond Sauce

Sauteed Beef

Sirloin Steak

Filet Mignon

Pork Chops

Loin of Pork in Almond Sauce

Barbecue Spare Ribs in Brown Sauce

Surf and Turf

Broiled Half Chicken

Chicken in Garlic Sauce

Chicken "Rincon" Style

Chicken and Rice